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DR - 7

DR - 7 is a made with extract from hemp we grow in our facility and natural essential oils. It is made in our own family's Tennessee lab. DR-7 is naturally derived and delivers the most powerful formulation available consisting of two high potencies of hemp extract and essential oils to help areas with pain for quick temporary relief.


In our case studies (see below) DR-7 had been proven to aid in: Cramps from chemo | Arthritis | Peripheral Neuropathy | Bursitis | Joint and Muscle Pain | Inflammation | Pinched Nerves

DR - 7 is available at the following retailers: 
 DR-7 Pain Rub (


Jerry in TN

"I have severe pain in my hands and I need carpal tunnel surgery. In about 2 minutes my pain was gone, and I could squeeze my hand!"

Alex in TN

College Baseball Coach

"I have arthritis in my throwing arm. After a minute or two, I could throw with no pain. This stuff works!"

Kim in TN

"The chemo causes my hands and feet to cramp and hurt badly. DR7 goes to work immediately & relieves the pain."

B.T. - TN

"My shoulder feels much better. I can actually raise my arms now past my shoulder!"

J.P. - TN

"After hours of working in the salon every day, my hands ache from doing hair all day. DR-7 took the pain away in minutes."

R.G. - TN

"After years of working out, I suffer from old injuries - especially in my hands and shoulders. DR-7 is next level in relieving pain."

David - TN

For the first time in 8 months, I woke up with very little pain at all. I feel good enough to go for a walk. With two fractured vertebrae, I've been in terrible pain. So thank you!!

K.T. - TN

I have a torn rotator cuff and don't want surgery. This works great at relieving the pain!"

Jill - TN

My mom has peripheral neuropathy. We put DR -7 on her feet and it really help with her pain. Thank you!

Bonnie, TN

“I have bad arthritis in my shoulder. The DR-7 relieved the pain so I can actually raise my arm past my shoulder! 

Ralph, TN

After 25 yrs of playing golf I developed "golfers elbow" and had to wear band on my arm and take 3 Advil's to play a round. DR-7 literally took the pain away and it's all I use.

John - TN

“I have gout in my foot. Hurts on the top and bottom. I put the DR-7 on the top and bottom 2-3 times per day as I work and it takes the pain away. Great stuff!

Greg, NC

"I have pain in my hips, this works great on relieving the pain."

C.W., TN

"I have severe neuropathy and can barely walk without a walker. I've not been able to even bend my toes or lift my foot. Within 2-3 minutes after rubbing in DR7, I could wiggle my toes and move my foot. My pain is almost all gone! This did more for me than any Doctor I've been to."

Martha, TN

"I sprained my ankle and couldn't put any pressure on it. After rubbing DR-7 on it, it helped a lot with the pain."

Ashton, TN

"My left shoulder has been hurting. I heard about DR-7 and tried it. It REALLY helped. I can move my shoulder without pain!"

S.O., TN

"My hands hurt from years of  hard work. DR-7 takes the pain away. Pretty amazing stuff!" 

Dawn, TN

"My hands and wrists hurt on occasion, may be arthritis. After just a few minutes of rubbing DR-7 in, the pain is gone!"

J.B., TN

"I suffer from osteoarthritis. I tried the DR-7 for the first time the other day. It really helped me!" 

James, TX

"Whatever is in this stuff works! Takes my pain away."

Ricky, Ky

"In my mid 50's and still go to gym to work out. Lifting weights all these years has put some hurt on my body. DR-7 gets rid of it!" 

Madison, TN

"After I broke my ankle, I had a lot of pain and swelling. I put DR -7 on my ankle and leg. It relieved pain within minutes. Impressive!" 

B.T., TN

"I'm on my second tub of DR-7. It works good on my arthritis in my shoulder." 

Sean, TN

"The new roll on DR-7 is awesome. No mess - not greasy. Used on my left knee and the pain was gone almost immediately. Smells good."

K.D., TN 

"The Roll On is great! Fits in my purse and very convenient on the go."

P.S., TN

"I have bursitis in my shoulder. This DR-7 works great within minutes!"

Bryan, TN

“This works very good on arthritis in my wrists. 
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