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The History of Duke Remington Farms


  • Began working with Tennessee State University on staff managed hemp grow on campus.

  • Launch a CBD brand for a client based in Tennessee


  • Received first permit from Tennessee Department of Agriculture to grow hemp

  • Received first permit to process hemp from the State of Tennessee

  • Started first indoor grow, greenhouse grow, and outdoor grow

  • Genetic development on 8 different varieties


  • Implemented one of the largest CBG outdoor crops in the Southeast USA

  • Surpassed extraordinary CBG cannabinoid profile for the outdoor crop

  • Renovated 7,500 square foot indoor facility and developed an indoor hydroponic perpetual hemp farm

  • Launched extraction lab


  • Developed a line of indoor-grown varieties: Quacks Pick and Tango

  • Created a tincture product line

  • Successfully launched proprietary software-driven irrigation system for indoor growing facility


  • Expanded product line and therapies to address issues of autoimmune diseases

  • Partnered on an ecommerce site:

  • Developed custom contract grows for clients

  • Created a Plant-Based product launch of capsules for pain, sleep, wellness, stress, and focus

  • Worked with patients / clients to target health issues and wellness maintenance programs


  • Gained Plant-Based Nutrition Certification through Cornell University (T. Colin Center of Nutrition)

  • Joined Hemp Alliance of Tennessee (Platinum Member)

  • Approved by the State of Tennessee to be listed on the Pick Tennessee Products Program

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