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Partner with Duke Remington Farms

All of our products are proudly made in the state of Tennessee and are plant based in order to best serve the most consumers. Download the Duke Remington Farms Wholesale Catalog here so you can review our current wholesale products.

Duke Remington Wholesale Program FAQ

How Do I Qualify to Buy at Wholesale Prices?

To become a Duke Remington Farms wholesaler, you must be a legitimate retail business. Our typical retailers would be CBD and hemp specific retailers, health food stores, independent grocers, independent pharmacies, health care practitioners, chiropractors, and salons. Contact Alan Hughey to discuss if the products of Duke Remington Farms would be the right fit for your business.

How Do I Place a Duke Remington Farms Wholesale Order?

If you would like to place an order for wholesale, please email Alan Hughey directly. 


Where Do You Ship Product? Do You Ship Internationally?

Since our products contain less than 0.3% THC, we currently ship within the United States only, and we do not ship to the following states for legal reasons: South Dakota, Idaho, and Mississippi.

We do not ship internationally at this time.

Are Duke Remington Farms Products Third-Party Lab Tested?

Yes, and by the best. All of the products at Duke Remington Farms are third-party tested by a DEA-certified laboratory that validates purity and compliance with Federal and Tennessee laws.

Do You Offer Private Labeling?

Yes, we do offer private labeling or white labeling. Discuss the specifics with Alan Hughey.

Wholesale Application

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